Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Joy of Diapers

I was warned about how expensive diapers were going to be. I knew what was ahead of me and was already a Pampers snob. I had used other brands but felt Pampers were the most reliable so that's what we would use. Then I started looking at our budget to find places to cut costs. I told my friend, Christy, that I thought Amazon was the cheapest (AND MOST CONVENIENT) place to buy Pampers. I can get 156 Baby Dry (size 5) diapers for 35 cents each, no sales tax and free 2 day shipping (they also rolled out Amazon Mom which saves you 30%). And you can't put a price on having a cute UPS deliver a heavy box of diapers to your front door!

Christy said she uses Target diapers during the day and Pampers at night. Why hadn't I thought of that? My mom buys these diapers and we never have issues with leaks. So I went to Target and found a box of 108 up & up (size 5) diapers for 19 cents each. Thanks, Christy!

I mix the Target and Pampers diapers together so I am not using one brand all the time. It's kind of like drinking plain Folgers coffee most of the time with an occasional Starbucks treat. My sister, Kim, buys diapers at Cosco which I believe is comparable to Amazon.

Do you know of a cheaper place to buy diapers? Please leave a comment!


  1. Hi Anne! Great new blog! Funny I was just discussing this with my SIL yesterday. She asked me if I'd tried the up & up brand. I actually mix that brand with Pampers. The reason is twofold: first off, I LOVE the Swaddlers but they are spendy. I usually buy them with coupons or at the PX (no sales tax and the lowest price I've found a pack, around 9 dollars), and then 'mix' those with the Target brand. I probably would exclusively use the Target brand but they have those blue and green dots on them and sometimes it shows through clothing and I want a white diaper. Both feel pretty soft to me and comfort is even more important than leak protection IMO. Someone just told me to try the Costco Kirkland brand, have you ever tried those? I intend to give those a try next time I'm in Montgomery (there's no Costco down here in my area). I should mention that I've tried Luvs and they are ok, nice and thin but don't seem to be absorbent enough. I also tried the store brand from the PX and they seemed kind of hard/scratchy. Not going on my babies bum!

  2. I have tried Luvs--and they totally leaked. I haven't tried Kirkland but I think any of the generic diapers would work once in a while. Thanks for reading!

  3. My answer isn't going to be too helpful to you, I'm afraid. We use cloth because it's the most economical. I paid $300 in 2009 (ok, my mother-in-law did!) and I haven't bought a diaper since. Last month I found a great pattern for fitted diapers made from old t-shirts (search for Fern & Faerie), so now I've got some new diapers that didn't cost a dime; I made them from conference t-shirts my husband brought home.

  4. I found most generics (and Luvs) soaked through with my son. The Target house brand was fine though or Huggies. Sounds like you've already found the best places to get diapers (Amazon with the Mom discount). My kids are both potty trained now but I pick up Huggies for $4 per pack when they go on sale at Walgreens (with RR deals) to give to new babies. I HATE Pampers because they support UNICEF - UNICEF is anti-adoption and therefore horrible to orphans. They tried to block us from bringing home our daughter through their actions in Guatemala.

  5. We do about half disposables and half cloth diapers lately, though we almost exclusively CD's for the first year of my daughter's life. A great local resource for cloth diapers in Madison is Happy Bambino on Monona Drive in Madison:

    When we're not cloth diapering, we've been using the 7th generation diapers on my 18 month old as all of the non-eco diapers seem to give her a rash. 7th generation is almost half the cost of Huggies Pure & Natural, another brand that passes the No Rash test and both work great. 7th Generation look a little dingy at first, brownish paper, kind of thin, but they hold up fantastic and like I said, are much cheaper.