Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Bambino: A Mom's Paradise

I think my family got tired of me saying the words "Happy Bambino" after c was born. Everytime I called them the store would pop up in conversation. I first went there to get Fenugreek, a herb that increases milk production, after a lactation consultant at Meriter Hospital recommended I give it a try. Due to my post-baby fog I didn't return until I enrolled c in Music Together when he was seven months old.  My sister, Kim, took my niece there and she loved it! It was a no-brainer--we were taking a music class. I figured Jason would cover sports (except baseball and the Cubs, that's my area) and I would introduce c to the arts. But it wasn't all about c--I needed to socialize with other moms. 

The minute I walked through the doors--at their new location at 4116 Monona Drive--I realized there was something different about this  store. It wasn't JUST a store--it was an incredibly helpful resource for families. Not only do they sell locally-made products, green toys, books, organic food, and breastfeeding supplies but they offer classes for safe babywearing, cloth diapers, yoga, Music Together and even estate planning! They also offer parent and child play groups including a group for stay-at-home dads.

The mission of Happy Bambino is "to provide a trusted source of information, adult interaction in a supportive community and access to smart, quality resources for pregnancy, birth and parenting."

c the leprechaun playing a drum.

c and I have been making music together with our instructor, Eliza, for almost a year now. Not only has it been a blast to watch c advance in his abilities we were lucky to meet our good friends Dana, Maisie, Jessica and Shamus. We all like one another so much we have been in the same class since day one! We also attended a playgroup until c started tripping over the babies.

But the thing I love the most about Happy Bambino is that I feel at home there. Even if I have had a long, tiring day of parenting I know the minute I walk through their doors my attitude will change. The entire staff is helpful and warm; they provide information about cloth diapers, breast feeding and natural birth without forcing their beliefs on customers. 

Need a baby shower gift? Having a baby? Then check out Happy Bambino.

Just don't go today--it's closed due to the blizzard.


  1. Definitely one of the best parenting resources in Madison, LOVE Happy Bambino!

  2. I wish they had one on the west side...