Friday, February 4, 2011

Kids in the Rotunda: A Free Saturday Performance

 Children of the Sun

Kids in the Rotunda
Saturdays at 9:30 AM, 11 AM and 1 PM
Overture Center for the Arts


I can't stop telling people how lucky I am to be raising a child in Madison. I visit my parents in my hometown, DeKalb, IL, quite a bit and continue to be shocked at the lack of activities for children. I asked friends and searched the web only to find a one hour open gym on Fridays in nearby Sycamore and an occasional story hour at the library. [Sidenote: Today c and I ventured to the open gym only to be told it was canceled due to blizzard make-up classes. Lovely.] I am convinced stay-at-home moms in DeKalb are forced to literally stay home all the time.

Anyway, the first time I went to Kids in the Rotunda I scanned the audience. It was like a popular happy hour for small people. Gleeful children were running around and tired parents were drinking coffee. I told the person next to me there was no way an adult would come here on a Saturday morning if they didn't have children. It was a madhouse. But very fun.

Every Saturday morning from September-April the Overture Center presents Kids in the Rotunda, a diverse lineup of FREE local and regional musicians, storytellers, jugglers, theater troupes, magicians, and dancers. The 1 PM performance is sign language interpreted.

If you haven't been to a show you really need to go. It's nice to have a Saturday activity during the long winter months and it's really fun. I have gone twice but grew tired of chasing c around the rotunda. We'll be back when he can sit still. At least for five minutes.

Upcoming Performances

February 5: Children of the Sun

The first deaf and hard of hearing drum troupe in the country, Children of the Sun is a highly innovative African drumming troupe that aims to instill confidence and promote musical self-expression, appreciation and creativity while learning the discipline of music. 

February 12: Truly Remarkable LoonCome see the wacky stunts, sidesplitting comedy, gravity-defying plate spinning and spectacular juggling of Madison's craziest purple guy, the Truly Remarkable Loon!  

February 19: Tom Pease
One of the series’ most popular performers, Tom Pease engages children with imaginative songs and humor. Families around the world love his recordings, especially on long car trips!  

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  1. We love the Kids in the Rotunda series. The Children of the Sun performance was fantastic. My son, who isn't quite two, sat there in awe for the entire show. The vibrations and rhythms were perfect for a toddler. We went to a yo-yo performance a few weeks back, which I found amazing, but was hard for my son to sit through. I think anything loud and bold is best for the toddler crowd, but all of the shows are appealing and well done.