Sunday, February 20, 2011

Organics on the Cheap(er)

There are certain foods I like to buy organic...and most of them are for c. I used to always think organic = healthy but yogurt changed this for me. My friend, Anne, and I were talking about limiting sugar in our son's diet. I told her I couldn't believe how much sugar was in Stonyfield Yo Baby yogurt. Now hear me out--I give my kid sugar--but my theory is he will get sugar in plenty of other foods (Oreos) and doesn't need it in healthy foods like yogurt. I would rather buy plain yogurt and add fruit myself. I know a lot of people would prefer to buy organic food but money is an obstacle. So I have made it my mission to find the best deals on organics. Here are a couple examples:

Horizon Organic Whole Milk plus DHA Omega-3

I love this Horizon milk because it has DHA for brain development.

Woodman's: $3.39
Walmart: $3.98
Target: $3.79

Earth's Best Snacks for Toddlers Walmart: $2.19Woodman's: $2.79
I started buying Earth's Best when c started eating solids. I really love their products AND the company. I opened a jar of baby food that was obviously bad and emailed them. A customer service rep got back to me immediately and sent me several coupons for free and discounted products. Awesome! They have several products including cereal bars c loves. I wish they had less sugar but there are worse snacks out there for kids!

Annie's Macaroni and Cheese-5 Single Servings
Target: $4.19

I am lucky c loves the taste of sharp cheddar like me. I discovered this Annie's convenient food and have been in love ever since. It's only 75% organic but that's good enough for me. Try it!

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