Thursday, March 3, 2011

Apps for Busy Moms

A huge thanks to my awesome friend, Katie DeDominicis, for providing this fun info!

If your iPhone is connected to your hand check out these awesome apps to help keep your family organized and amused!

Health Trax (records family members health, colds, shots, etc. on a calendar)
iReward Chart (rewards kids' good behavior) 

Mom Maps (free app helps you find fun kid-friendly locations) 
Baby Activity Logger  (tracks baby's activities, feedings etc.) 
Baby Connect (similar to above) 

Food Essentials Scanner (scan products to find calories, r nutrients, allergen, etc.) 
Potty Predictor  (predicts when your child will pee!)  
SitorSquat (free app to find nearby restrooms on a map!) 
OurKids (journal to keep track of milestones etc.) 
Baby Travel  (free travel tips)  

From the Southern Marin Mothers' Club newsletter. 
Information compiled by Zana Thompson.

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