Friday, March 11, 2011

OMG! I Got Great Deals at the Gap Today!

I must share the AWESOME deals I got at the Gap today.

My twin, Kristin, told me she got Gap Supersoft Enamel Button Cardigans yesterday for only $13 (with the 30% off tops sale). So I headed to the mall today with c, with reservations, since he has officially entered the whiny/meltdown stage I thought wouldn't happen until he was two. Anyway, I asked the sales clerk if I could use the $25 for $50 mobile deal with the 30% off tops sale. She said she wouldn't know until I checked out since I was the first one to come in with the mobile promotion. I asked if I got a prize for being the first one and she said 'Unfortunately, no". My awesome humor was wasted on this girl.

Well, I was in luck. Here's my receipt:

Gap Supersoft Enamel Button Cardigan: $39.50 on sale for $19.99
30% off tops discount        $6
$50 for $25 promo             $3.25
Total price:                        $10.74

Short Sleeve Favorite Tee: $14.50 on sale for $10.00
$50 for $25 promo             $2.33
Total price:                         $7.67         

In total, I got 3 cardigans and 4 t-shirts for $70. At the Gap. Awesome.

Wanna get the deal? Click here and enter your cell phone number. You will then receive a text message from Gap with a code to get $50 for $25! 

Valid 3/10 – 3/16 in-store only at Gap, Gap Kids, baby Gap, and Gap body stores.

To redeem the offer just show the cashier the code on your phone.

Thanks again to Discount Queensfor the awesome offer!

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  1. Thanks! I was able to get a pair of pants, a t-shirt, a button down shirt, and a jacket at Baby Gap for $28 total. Pretty awesome deal.