Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Half-Pint Resale: April 8-9

I'm sure you have heard of Half Pint. It's pretty well-known in Madison. I went to the Fall sale and was AMAZED at the stuff they had. Unfortunately, I only had about 10 minutes to race around and find things so I could be home on time for the babysitter to leave. But I walked away with some real finds---an almost-new snowsuit for $10, a hot dog Halloween costume for $5 (I think) and a Green Bay jacket for around $5 (again, this was months ago. I don't remember what I ate this morning for breakfast).

How it works 
Unlike resale/thrift stores, you set the prices! Consignors receive 70% of the sales and Half-Pint gets the other 30%. There is a $5 fee to consign items (compared to the Just Between Friends sale which is $10). The best part of all? Volunteers and consignors (who consign at least 20 items) are eligible to attend the PRE-SALE to shop before the general public!

I signed up and have already started tagging my items. I am not going to lie--it takes awhile to put everything on hangers and make price tags. But I figure it's worth the time to make a few bucks.


  • The Price is Right: I have heard some people say they didn't sell their items. I think this is because their items are priced too high. Sure, you loved that adorable pink Ralph Lauren dress your darling wore to her 3 month pictures but others won't have that personal attachment. Put yourself in the shopper's shoes: what would YOU pay for the item? I shop clearance racks ad won't pay more than $10 for NEW children's clothes. So I will be hard pressed to spend more than $5 for used clothing.
  • Launder all items: The better they look, the better chance they have to sell.
  • Get organized:  Again, this takes some time.  Start saving those dreaded wire hangers you always give back to the dry cleaner. You'll need them. If you sort and tag a little at a time it won't be so bad. The website suggests tagging over a glass of wine. Sounds good to me!

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