Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Excitng World of Being Thrifty

Check out Silly Monkeys Funky Resale in Madison

If you are like me you are still reeling from the thrill of shopping the racks at the Half-Pint Resale sale last weekend. It felt strange not to drive to the Goodman Center yesterday...circling the small parking lot waiting for someone to leave (yes, I am that person; I think I get it from my Dad) and wondering what sales I would find. I shopped the pre-sale on Friday and left sweaty and exhausted! I was shopping for c and my friend, Dana, and took full advantage of the two hour time slot. My strategy was to hit the toy tables first and boy did I hit the jackpot!  I was in Little People heaven! I found Noah's Ark, Happy Sounds Home, Racin' Ramps Garage, and a Little People Town (pictured below). This was by far my favorite find...it was only $8 and has a cash register, phone, fire house, elevator, clock and moveable street so c and I can watch cars go in circles. I can't tell you how much I love this toy! It even plays a song that I actually like! 

You can imagine how hard it was to juggle this many 'big toys' so I called Dana to ask what she really wanted. Then I spotted the hold table which really was a god-send. I was able to leave items I was purchasing on the table until I was ready to check out. Everything was great until I had to carry/push/kick the toys to the cash register. I wish someone took a picture (or did they?)

I also scored a Sesame Street guitar, Speak-n-Say, Howdy Doody bobble head (c likes to see the head wiggle) and lots of clothes. I had a blast going through the girl clothes for little m and found adorable dresses and a Hanna Anderson pink tutu outfit! I called Dana before I bought it because of the $15 price tag. She quickly told me a t-shirt costs $30 so this was a good deal. Whether you missed the sale or can't get enough of thrift shopping you don't have to wait for the fall Half-Pint sale; there are several places in Madison to get sweet deals on clothes.

Silly Monkeys Funky Resale, located near Ella's Deli off East Washington, is one of the only kids' consignment stores in Madison. I have been there twice and have walked away with a few items. The ecentric owner is talkative and passionate about what he does. We talked about his struggles to stay in business in a saturated garage sale town like Madison. But he stays in business because he loves talking to people and believes in local businesses. His policy is to give consignors store credit instead of cash and says he is very selective on what he will take. I only shopped for toys--not clothes-and he has some fun stuff. The store is packed to the gills so if you go allow some time to look around.

Auntie Em's Boutique recently celebrated their re-opening in Verona on April 2. I read some good reviews on Moms in Madison and the store looks great on the website. Speaking of the website, it says they are still located in Middleton so I suggest calling them at 608-848-4027 before you check it out.
Savers, a for-profit thrift store, brings a unique business model to the thrift table. Unlike Salvation Army and Goodwill, the majority of the clothing and household items comes from their nonprofit alliance (including the Epilepsy Foundation and Lupus Foundation). People donate items to non-profits and the nonprofits deliver the items to Savers. Savors pays them based on the number of boxes and bags they deliver. The company also accepts direct donations from the community and pays the nonprofit alliances every time people donate. Learn more about  The Saver's Cycle.

 If you go:

Auntie Em's Boutique (408 S. Nine Mound Road, Suite A, Verona)
Silly Monkeys Funky Resale (306 N. Lawn Ave, Madison)
Savers (2002 Zeier Road and 7333 W Towne Mall Way, Madison)
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  1. I didn't make it to the Half-Pint sale, but glad to hear you scored some great things! I love thrift-shopping. By the way, I was in a bible study with the mother of the lady who owns Auntie Ems and I wholeheartedly support them. She's had some rough times personally, so I really hope her business makes it in Verona.
    And...I'm a total Savers fan. I haven't done dept. store shopping in years (and not embarrassed to say so!) but stopped going to Goodwill when I had my son. Savers always has TONS more clothes and a much better selection than Goodwill. So that's my 2 cents ... can't wait for garage/rummage sales!