Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last Minute Half-Pint Tips

[Please accept my apology for the annoying highlighed text below.
I need to go vote and don't have time to fix it right now.]

My awesome friend, Dana, offered to watch c while I attend the pre-sale on Friday. YIPPEE!! In return, I am going to shop for her adorable daughter.

Drop-off is only two days away. Are you ready? I finished prepping last night. Again, DO NOT wait until the last minute to start tagging and sorting and organizing...it takes awhile.

Here are my last minute tips:

  • Bring a dolly or wagon to transport your items on Thursday!
  • Organize your clothing by GENDER and SIZE. Consignors are responsible for putting the clothes on the floor (I didn't know that) so any prep you do beforehand will make the process go much faster.
  • Make sure your hangers are in a 'question-mark' shape, meaning all clothing are facing the same way!
  • Bring your signed consignor agreement, bin for returned items and a self-addressed stamped envelope with you on Thursday.
  • Check items again for holes and stains. Would you want to get home and find a hole in that adorable rain coat you found?
  • Bring cash or a check for your purchases.
  • Promote the sale via your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The more people that come, the better chance you will have to make some cash.  
Have fun!

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