Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 3 of My Eating Experiment

On Monday I decided to begin an experiment: to eliminate unhealthy food from my diet for one week. I love food, a lot, but realized I was eating too much of the bad stuff. This is not a new problem. I have been on diets before. But I feel I always concentrate on what I can get away with eating instead of just giving up fake food 90% of the time.

The objective? Give my body a break from bad food.

The goal? More energy, weight loss and more comfortable clothes.

The plan?
  • No junk food.
  • No fried food.
  • No dessert.
  • No beef (nothing wrong with beef-it's just high in fat!)
  • No regular pop/soda.
  • Exercise when I can.
It's only day three and I don't feel like I am missing out on eating yummy food. I had a grilled chicken sandwich (no mayo) from McDonald's (no, I didn't have fries but thanks for believing the worst in me. Hee. hee). I  had a Potbelly sub. I have enjoyed a couple lattes from Starbucks. Why? Because I don't believe in eliminating food groups from my diet. It has never works for me in the past; I would rather eat good fats and get rid of the fake foods six days a week.

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