Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Research Participants Needed

Have you heard of The Waisman Center Infant Lab? 

The center conducts research studies in order to understand the extraordinary learning abilities infants possess. Even though it's called The Infant Lab they conduct studies on children up to age 2-3. They offer appointments during the week and on Saturdays and the entire appointment usually lasts only 20 - 30 minutes!

I have taken my son a few times to participate in research studies. I think it's so important to contribute to research that we will undoubtedly benefit from. When he became older and more fidgety I was concerned he wouldn't sit still for the 2 minute study. But the staff is super organized and the entire appointment moves quickly. And breathe easy-you will not be separated from your child!

As a bonus your child will receive a special gift. Last time we were there we could take home a t-shirt, book or CASH!

Interested? Fill out the Online Enrollment Form and you will be contacted when your child is eligible for a study. Email babies@waisman.wisc.edu for more information.

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